Thermal Spray Galvanising

Thermal Spray Galvanising - Anti Corrosion Overview

Thermal spray galvanising, provides a long life coating for up to 40 years and is suitable for all applications up to 420° C. This process is often specified in preference to hot dip galvanising to avoid the risk of distortion.

Curious to know how the thermal spray method can benefit your project over hot dip galvanising? Please contact us to discuss.

What is Thermal Spraying ?

Thermal spraying is a process of applying pure or alloyed metals as coatings onto a wide range of base materials. The metals applied are not paints with metal particles but solid metals that are melted, atomised and sprayed to make a coating.

The atomised molten metal particles cure instantly as they land onto the base material that is normally grit blasted first. The grit blasted surface provides the perfect key to produce a well adhered coating.

In most applications, coatings are sealed after metal spraying.

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Thermal Spraying

Thermal Spray - Zinc - TSZ 02E

Zinc is thermal sprayed using an electric arc process, which allows a variable deposition rate. The Arc Spray system uses two zinc wire electrodes, the wires are given opposite electric charges and fed close together to maintain an electric arc, causing the wires to melt. The molten material is sprayed onto the prepared surface with compressed air through a hand held or robotic application gun.  Applications of zinc and zinc alloy thermal sprayed coatings, can be easily controlled by the equipment operator to provide a thickness of 50 – 500 microns (.002” to .020”). The protective thickness is determined by the specified life span, as well as atmospheric and corrosive conditions to which the coating will be subjected. From an apple to a battleship, there are no size restrictions using this method. Click on the image opposite to view a short video of the thermal spray, zinc coating process.
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Thermal Spray - Aluminium - TSA 01E

Applied using the same method as zinc, aluminium TSA 01E, is specified when the coating is subjected to especially harsh situations, particularly those encountered in deep sea environments. It can also used as a base coat for Arctec 28E AT – Non Slip Aluminium Titanium coating, where a predetermined thickness is sprayed to meet the necessary heat dissipation values. The video opposite shows an inspection cover being coated with aluminium in preparation for it’s aluminium titanium top coat.

TSA 01E, is also used as a temporary non-slip surface on lightweight decking boards for theatre and concert stages.

Click on the image opposite to view a short video of the thermal spray, aluminium coating process.

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Typical Applications:

  • Sub-sea Couplings
  • Valves
  • Pipeline
  • Vehicle Chassis
  • Railings
  • Metal Structures
  • External Metal Signage
  • Garden Furniture
  • Any Metal that you want to protect from corrosion
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