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Industrial Painting Services

At Ripblast we use airless and airspray (conventional) systems to apply a variety or liquid coatings such as alkyds, organic/inorganic zincs, epoxy and polyurethane to name but a few. We can cater for anything from garden furniture to high specification multi coat systems for the gas and oil industry.

We have the facilities to prepare materials and apply suitable coatings according to their required usage. Our 3500sq ft multipurpose workshop can handle most large items or can be sectioned off to carry out a number of smaller bespoke projects.

For best and lasting results all coatings are applied to a prepared surface, please see our preparation options on our blasting pages.

Our Services include:

Grit Blasting Cleaning

Bead Blasting

Environmentally Controlled Coatings, including Offshore

Epoxy and Polyurethane Coatings

Intumescent Coatings

Thermal Spray Galvanising

Surface Preparation

In order to have the perfect profile for wet coat paints, intumescents and dry thermal spray metal finishes, it is important that all substrates are cleaned and blasted to remove any pre-existing coatings and corrosion. We have dedicated workshops for both large item aluminium oxide

blasting and multi media, glass bead and garnet blasting. Our dedicated workshop features a state of the art ventilation and grit recovery system where all substrates are blast cleaned to remove any pre-existing coatings and corrosion. This ensures the perfect surface profile for wet coat paints, intumescent and dry thermal spray metal finishes.

Please contact us to discuss your blasting and coating requirements.

Specialist Coatings

We are able to offer high quality solutions for all types of corrosion. We have an extensive range of anti-corrosive resistant primers, coatings, finishes, polyurethane and epoxy resins that can provide outstanding levels of protection for steel and most other metal surfaces.

In addition, our specialist team and certified NACE inspector, are fully knowledgeable on the full range of surface preparation and weather resistant coating application techniques that are required for the offshore industry and compliant with regulations. We work within NORSOK standards as required and can advise on the right offshore coatings for your project.

Intumescent coatings

An intumescent coating or paint is a substance that offers passive fire protection to structural load bearing elements of a building in the event of fire.

Structural steel is prepared by grit blasting to SA 2.5 and, depending on specifications, coated with a two pack apoxy primer before the intumescent coating system is applied to a specified thickness using an airless spray method.

Colour Matching

If you require a RAL, British Standard, or bespoke colour, we can help. We provide a full colour matching service, contact us to discuss your needs.

We are happy to discuss and give advice on which paint system would best suit your project and environment.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We will always provide a competitive price for our work and deliver the highest quality service.

We work to strict control systems accredited by British Standards and in line with the Health and Safety Executive. All industrial painting services are overseen by our inhouse NACE 3 inspector, who is also able to perform and provide clients a wide range of testing and written reports.

Please see our testing page for more details.

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