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Intumescent Fire Protective Coating

An intumescent is a substance that offers passive fire protection to structural steel columns and beams in the event of fire. 
During heat exposure, the intumescent coating turns back to a liquid state, when it then increases in volume while decreasing in density, thus creating a heat resistant barrier. The subsequent charring delays the detrimental affect extreme heat has on structural steel, offering valuable time for occupants to vacate the building and emergency services to tend the fire.

The steel is prepared by grit blasting to SA 2.5 and, depending on specifications, coated with a two pack apoxy primer before the intumescent coating is applied to a specified thickness using the airless spray method. 

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Ripblast’s preferred intumescent coatings supplier, Sherwin-Williams, offer a complete range of products with proven, accurate, trouble free application.

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An introduction to Intumescent coating.
New quick drying FIRETEX FX6000.

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