Aluminium Titanium Coating - Arctec 28E AT

Aluminium Titanium Coating, or ATC, is the amalgamation of two metal wires thermally arc sprayed onto a prepared substrate to create a non-slip surface. The molten aluminium, creates a bed in to which the hard wearing titanium particles are held.

We offer the non-slip coating in three variants of coarseness, from a simple but effective aluminium coat, on lightweight decking boards for theatre and concert stages , to a very robust coat, for high and heavy vehicle traffic areas encountered in industrial environments.

Ripblast, through extensive testing, has perfected this method and offer a highly effective, durable, non-slip surface in the colour of your choice.

Non-Slip in the making

To view a short video of the Arctec 28E AT coating process, please click on the image opposite.

Enjoy the fireworks.

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